We are in the month of December, busy time for all of us.  During this month we received visitors from all around the world.  We Ticos enjoy Christmas to the fullest, our traditions are in some ways similar to those of the Americans and Europeans and at the same time tinted with our idiosyncrasy and Pura Vida Spirit.   Are you coming to Costa Rica on your Christmas vacation?  Maybe you are considering a last minute travel deal?  It is still possible, you will need to be flexible, but even more important, you can take advantage of very especial events that take place during December and early January.  They are fun, safe and very original.  Check this list:

Horse Parade in Costa Rica

The Children Hospital Lightening of the Christmas Three, the official inauguration of the holidays, usually the 1 of December.  Downtown San Jose.

Lightening of the Children’s Museum with music and activities. Downtown San Jose.

Festival de la Luz:   A Gem! This is something that you don´t want to miss. A late afternoon parade that take place every year the first or second Saturday.  This parade cross San Jose from West to East and everything is about decorating with light, float, marching bands; dancer is a unique spectacle that families from all around Costa Rica come to enjoy.  It is usually crowded but worth the effort.

Horse Parade (Tope Nacional): Usually the 26  27 of December in San Jose, Costa Rica as a country has a deep love of horses, and once a year the best horses around the country all converge in San Jose, between 2000 and 2,500 horses; it is truly a remarkable event.

Bullfights Costa Rica Style

Toros a la Tica: Bullfights Costa Rica Style.  They are fun, by the way we don´t harm the bulls, but sometimes the improvised Toreros end at the emergency room.  They take place in Zapote.

So if you are coming to Costa Rica in the next couple of week, think about these events.  Maybe add one or two nights in San Jose.  After that go to the beach, check Arenal Volcano, visit Monteverde, but this time of the year