Usually when you think about a vacation in Costa Rica, you think about tropical beaches, warm waters, lush rainforest warm a humid and even about an active volcano. It is not often that people think about the wonder that is a Tropical Cloud Forest.

Quetzal in costa ricaCosta Rica has several in different part of the country, some of them very well-known like Monteverde, some of them secluded and difficult to access with almost no road or hotels and a few jewels that you can visit and enjoy like San Gerardo de Dota in the Talamanca Mountain Range.

Tropical Cloud Forest usually has altitudes’ that maintain the temperature cool all year round, between 12°-22° Celsius (58° – 71° Fahrenheit). These are mystical forests, where although the terrain could be abrupt, it is a pleasure to hike and explore them. You see plants and animals there that you won´t see in the rainforest.

The most vivid example, the Quetzal Bird, the sacred bird of the Mayans that they treasured and protected for generations.

You can only see them in Cloud Forests. Small Orchids, fantastic fungi, they are all there. The cloud forest is a little bit shy, you need to look for this extraordinary flora and fauna, but it is an experience that you will never forget.

Costa Rica has some special tours to this Cloud Forest; the hotels are fantastic and the food superb. Check places like: Savegre Lodge, Trapp Lodge, Fonda Vela, Poas Volcano lodge. You will treasure you stay there. Contact us at Costa Rica Special deals for additional information.


If you are a birdwatcher, a hiker, a hiker or a romantic, the cloud forests of Costa Rica are for you. Family oriented, you will teach your kids about life and fragility just by walking in a cloud forest.