Costa Rica has some of the world’s most beautiful and iconic places to visit. From majestic volcanoes, and pristine beaches with spectacular views of the ocean to some of the most lush greenery forests. Costa Rica is home to more than 500,000 species, which represents nearly 4% of the total species estimated worldwide, making Costa Rica one of the 20 countries with the highest biodiversity in the world.

To enjoy nature is to see it and take it in, marvel with its amazingness and be impressed by how everything is so harmonious, but you can also relish in nature by practicing some of the best extreme sports as tours filled with adrenaline, excitement and fun! Here’s our pick of what exciting things to do during your stay in Costa Rica:


Nowadays, zip lining has become an icon of any Costa Rican vacation. Surely, you’re not obliged to do it, but if there’s a chance, why not! The country has various places where to practice such tour, with many kilometers to go through one platform to another, different views of the vegetation, forests, beaches, and weather, as well as various lengths to choose from. To fly in a sitting down position or to soar the skies as Superman, this activity never gets old and it’s enjoyed by everyone in the family that want to have an adrenaline rush!

Bungee jumping

There’s only one place in Central America where to experience this tour and that is Monteverde, Costa Rica. Our friends from Extremo Park will provide you with all the safety information and equipment for you to jump from a 477 feet altitude and enjoy a fall of 270 feet. You’ll soar through the skies, have a rush of adrenaline like no other and then marvel with Monteverde’s panoramic out of this world views.



Whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting has been popular since the early 50s and that’s because of so many enthusiasts that visit Costa Rica in search of the thrill and excitement that the adventure of going downstream provides you. You don’t have to know how to swim to try this  activity, just be sure you’re comfortable in the water if you do fall from the raft, but nothing to worry about, you’ll be taken care by a group of professionals.




Whether you call it canyoneering or kloofing, this is all about travelling in canyons while using various techniques that may include walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming. Go down a waterfall in Arenal and feel the thrills doing so gives you. This isn’t for the fainted heart, and it is one of those “Prove-I-can” scenarios filled with a true adrenaline rush.




Costa Rica is a surfers’ paradise on Earth! Both, the Central and Northern Pacific areas are filled with great beaches for the sport. Classes are given to beginners and there are various levels to go about with them. Kids can also practice the sport with the proper supervision, you know, safety is number one in the practicing of everything. The waves in the Pacific are of stellar heights and may give you just the perfect ride from sea to the beach.

There are many more activities to choose from, the adventure is endless in Costa Rica and it’s for all, parents, grandparents, friends, loved ones, kids, anyone who’s out in the search of some rush within their mindset.

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