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National Park Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio National Park is located on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica 7 kms south of Quepos Harbour, it has an extension of 683 hectares. This area was altered and almost destroyed with plantations, the forest was cut down and today just some areas are protected wilderness areas. The habitants in the park are white faced, howler and squirrel monkeys, raccoons, white nosed coatis, pacas and sloths. Birds can be also seeing in the park like white ibis, blue crowned manakin, jacana, brown pelican, black collared hawk and some other species.

This park has also some lagoons, mangrove swamp and islands, the lagoons are home for caimans, grass snakes and boa constrictors, in the other hand the islands are home for a wide variety of seabirds that uses those areas for nesting site, the 12 islands are bare rock with few vegetation. The scientists have identified 78 species of fish, 10 of sponges, 19 of corals and 24 crustaceans, numerous dolphins can be seeing in these waters as well as whales on their long migratory journeys.

These park has 4  geomorphological features , the first is the tombolo at Catedral Point, two currents which run parallel to the and coast deposit sand converged at one time and joined the Catedral Island to the mainland at Espadilla Sur and Manuel Antonio. The second is the blow hole at Puerto Escondido, the third is Serrucho Point, a jagged cliff that looks like a saw, it has several caves carved by wave action and the fourth is the pre Columbian underwater turtle trap at the western tip of Manuel Antonio Beach, the best place to see a multitude of tiny fish at low tide.

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