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Costa Rica is the most popular vacation destination in Central America. With beaches, mountains, volcanoes, and jungle, there is a bit of everything in this small country. When planning your Costa Rica trip, you might be overwhelmed by all the choices. To help you out, below is a list of the best things to do during a Costa Rica Vacations. Read on, and then start packing!

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Surfing. Costa Rica is a surfing hot spot. From the most popular Pacific swells to the laid back Caribbean coast, there are great surfing options here year round, appropriate for professionals and beginners alike. However, the best of the best can be found in northwestern Peru, from December until April. Check out the towns of Tamarindo and Jaco.



Canopy Tours. With more biological diversity than the United State and Europe combined, this tiny country has a lot of creatures hidden in its dense jungles. One interesting and fun way to see some of this wildlife is to go on a canopy tour. These tours tend to combine a series of walkways and zip lines to create a truly unique experience. Another option is to go on an exclusively zip lining adventure. Rather than walking across treetop bridges, you’ll be hooked in to a zip line the entire time, except for when you’re changing to another line-during this time you’ll stand on a platform high up in the air. This is a good option for people looking for speed and adventure rather than wildlife.


Hiking. There are plenty of places to hike in this country. Some of the best places are near the Arenal Volcano and the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Although you can do these adventures by yourself, sometime it pays to hire a guide who is an expert at spotting camouflaged wildlife. You’ll be amazed at what a guide can spot that you’d walk right past!

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Wildlife Watching. This country is rich in all types of wildlife, but especially in those of the avian type. With over 850 species of birds flying around the country, you’re sure to see a couple feathery friends. One of the most interesting birds is the toucan. There are also four types of monkeys, and you’re likely to see at least one or two of them during your Costa Rica vacation. If you’re heading to the Caribbean coast, be sure to check out Parque Nacional Tortuguero, famous for the thousands of turtles that come onshore there to lay their eggs.