The pura vida life style in Costa Rica goes beyond a simple expression for greeting or saying thank you, it’s also very close to a sentiment of wellbeing.

When you think of Rio Perdido, you usually think of adventure in the mountains while bathing in natural hot springs, but Rio Perdido is so much more than that.


With a zip line around a canyon, this isn’t an ordinary adventure, it involves a bit of rock climbing, going through a pendulum swing, soaring through the skies of the canyon, and how about swinging back and forth across a waterfall? Definitely not for the fainted heart!






How about gliding on a white river? This is one of the most exciting ways to go down a river. Lie on a rubber inner tube, wind around bends, and go through calm, white water with the adrenaline pumping and enjoying the excitement of getting wet and gliding amongst the river’s current.





With various trails to discover, the property has so many places to walk through and “get lost” only to discover some of the wildest places you can imagine: a waterfall the is born from a mesa lookout, some caves, and a place with effervescent water that grows naturally in the river!





Mountain bikers will have the most exhilarating experience with the trails at Rio Perdido. From the dry lands to the wet parts of the property, they’ll enjoy some of the most amazing views while cycling through some very interesting paths.






Rio Perdido also offers a spa that is ready to fulfill your desires of relaxation upon request and appointment, as well as three thermal pools with the best water temperature to relax and seize the day. The hotel will also accommodate to the most singular palates providing fresh and healthy food, and also the best opportunities to see and experience the country and its culture.





The hotel also offers three brand new yoga decks to have unique sessions and have a pure connection with the wilderness.





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