Costa Rica is the only country in the world that has a saying that means, almost everything, which is Pura Vida!

Good morning! = Pura Vida!

Hello! = Pura Vida

How are you? = Pura Vida?

I’m fine = Pura Vida

Thank You = Pura Vida

You’re welcome = Pura Vida

The list goes on… it’s one of those simple, yet unique things that make Costa Rica one of the most incredible places to visit. When in search for an all-round wellness experience, this is the place to come! The Pura Vida phrase, which would translate to the good life, is literally used to channel having a good and healthy lifestyle, from eating well to enjoying the gifts of nature.

If you’re seeking adventure, this is your dream come true destination, with an array of adventures to enjoy from white-water rafting to zip-lines galore, surfing the waves of the Pacific or kayaking in the year-round warm sea.

Nature lovers will be at bliss with jungle treks to discover the flora and fauna of each of the amazing regions the country offers. With a great number of national parks and reserves to gallivant around, you will not only have your connection with nature, but will also be able to practice some of the most calming and soothing activities such as yoga, hiking, or taking a massage surrounded by calmness and nature.

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