Every September 15, Costa Rica joins in their fellow Central American countries to celebrate one more year of Independence. The buildings, the business shops and various houses pull out their best patriotic decorations in order to join in the celebration. Children and grownups join for independence parades everywhere with marching bands, great music, and in such, all the people come together in proudness of their customs and traditions.


It doesn’t really stay there. These celebrations are brought up with a sense of belonging to a proud  nation because of what it has been developed throughout the years of its own history, a “Pura Vida” lifestyle, which literally translates to pure life, one that resembles peace, relaxation and tranquility, even when facing adversity.

Such ease of an existence, has led to living with zero to little civil uproar, and even when present, it has been dealt in a progressive manner where both parties negotiate to comply with most of the demands of the people.

Let’s all learn a thing or two about this place that has been ranked as No. 1 by the New Economics Foundation’s Happy Planet Index.


By not having to invest in an army, Costa Rica has been able to develop a productive education system. As of today, Ticos, as Costa Ricans are popularly called, have a literacy rate of 94.7%, which means, their citizens are more suitable for both the national and international job markets.




Music and Arts

Want to party like a rock star? Costa Ricans know how to lay out a good party, but it’s not your average “rock star”; this is one with a “Tico” twist! Latin American rhythms are a hit, from Salsa to Cumbia and the marimba is a must in almost every celebration. The country honors their national artists by providing them with spaces to display their works of art within the National Artisan Fair as well as other smaller fairs and events. An International Arts Festival in the Central Valley is also held in the second week of March where international art exhibits, performances, street theater, dance, music, and concerts happen in various venues.



Topes aka Rodeos

Bull riding shows, bootless bull fighting, calf roping, horse maneuvering and herding and milking competitions are just amongst the few events to enjoy. You want cowboys? They’re here! These festivals or “fiestas” are held in various parts of the country, and they always bring up both local and foreign visitors.




Food and beverages

Rice and beans with Lizano sauce is almost always present in a typical Tico breakfast, a pinto dish, quite hardy and healthy, a side of eggs, fried or scrambled, fried sweet plantains, chorizo or a spiced sausage, sour cream or natilla, and a couple of corn tortillas, is the true breakfast of champions!

It’s not all about breakfast. Costa Rican cuisine is filled with exciting flavors for all times of day. Ceviche, a dish of fresh fish marinated in lime juice with onions, herbs, a type of fruit (tomato or strawberries, depending on the fish), and spices is very popular everywhere. It is usually served with tortilla chips for dipping. The international gastronomy is also present, the country is an international spot for many chefs abroad to highlight their specialties, from Mexican pastor tacos, Japanese sushi in between, and Chinese dumplings, you’ll find everything from everywhere here.


Oh and, what to drink? Well, aside natural fruit juices and horchata, which is made from cornmeal and cinnamon, Costa Rica is one of the most popular breweries in the region. It also has an up-and-coming artisan brewery industry that competes internationally in many food and drink festivals around the world.

Now you know a bit more about this magical and tropical place in planet Earth, but don’t just sit there reading about it, live it for yourself! Indulge it, enjoy it, see it, feel it, and experience it by booking your trip with us ASAP, with the best rates for 2017 and 2018.


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