Genuine Excitement amongst Nature!


Costa Rica has many places in its different regions that and when you visit them, you’ll see how all are well worth seeing and living. Sometimes you may want to approach your trips with serenity and ease, looking to relax whilst having fun.


Now, fun certainly comes in various ways, shapes, and forms, but in Costa Rica, fun is way more exciting and awesome than you have probably experienced before!


Place: Arenal

Suggested tour: Pedal Board

If you ever dreamt about walking on water, this is for you! It’s seriously a one of a kind tour where you will get through Arenal Lake pedaling on top of a board while enjoying the stunning views of the volcano and the flora and fauna around the lake. An amazing experience in itself!



Place: Manuel Antonio

Suggested tour: Ocean Kayaking

Picture yourself enjoying the views of the open sea. Maybe spot a sea turtle or perhaps whales and dolphins, or just take in the stunning and majestic scenery that surrounds you at the beach. You will seriously relax while kayaking, rowing and deep breathing in awe of your surroundings. PS: You do not need to know how to swim, you only need to know how to enjoy and go with the flow!


Place: Rio Savegre

Suggested tour: Tubing

This is just one of those things you simply must do! While a slow float will take you through most of the trajectory, there are several intense rapids along the way. The jungle tubing adventure is perfect for all those ages 10 and up. The gently flowing waters and beautiful scenery of the Savegre River combine for a relaxing, fun and fascinating experience. You will have a bilingual safety kayaker who leads the trip from beginning to end.


Place: Monteverde

Suggested tour: Canopy

Wanna fly? Come here and make it happen! And guess what? Canopy does not require any kind of particular athletic ability. You only need to be able to sit down, remain calm, and focus your attention on the zip line you’re about to travel down—guides and gravity do the rest. Before you go flying down the zip lines, you’ll learn the proper techniques, including how to hold onto the cable and how to position your body, and when done, a pulley system is used to slowly decrease your speed as you approach the next platform. Ready to fly? Come here ASAP!



Now you know more about what to do when visiting those regions of Costa Rica; so don’t just sit there reading about it, come live them! Do so by booking your trip with us ASAP, with the best rates for 2017 and 2018.


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