Costa Rica has been a world leader when it comes to sustainable tourism, and when you think about environmentally friendly vacations, Costa Rica is a no brainer. Just check out these simple facts:


  • 94% of its power comes from renewable resources.
  • By the year 2021, the whole country will have 100% of its energy be sustainable.
  • The country has developed the CST, Certification of Sustainable Tourism, a program that balances:
    • How a company that works in the tourism industry interacts with both natural and cultural resources
    • How it improves the quality of life amongst local communities
    • Its economical contribution to other programs that provide national development.


With all of that, you might think it’s not easy to have fun while being green. Think again! You can easily have all the fun in the world and engage in giving back to Mother Nature by staying at some of the world’s most unique hotels and resorts and enjoying some great tours where volunteering goes beyond reforestation and recycling. Check them out:


Osa Peninsula

While staying at the Osa Peninsula, you can volunteer with the sea turtle projects by gathering information for research, help clean the tanks, pick up the sea turtles as need and collect biometrics. Clearly not a luxury stay, but a doing-well sentiment that’ll stick with you for life!




Aguila de Osa Inn

This hotel offers you some of the greatest views of the Drake Bay and it’s really close to the Corcovado National Park, a place with an ecological variety that is quite stunning. National Geographic has called it “the most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity”. You can pick a diversity of tours while staying here, from scuba diving to sailing, you’ll be able to see some of the most amazing and rarest ecologically environments in the world.






Espiritu Santo Coffee Plantation

As the winners of the Rainforest Alliance Award in recognition of their sustainable coffee harvesting, when visiting, not only will you enjoy a great natural experience, you’ll also try the excellent coffee products with a tasting, but you’ll learn about the real story behind the Costa Rican cup ‘o Joe!






Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel and Spa

Cloud forests are exceptionally rare environments. They have high humidity, making them the ideal place for orchids, ferns, and bromeliads to bloom. While staying here, you’ll experience a night walk in the middle of the Costa Rican forest, while sharing in with some of the most beautiful creatures in this ecosystem.


In the end, the experience you take in of Costa Rica will be one of a kind, whether you want to get your hands dirty or join in the grind, or keep it luscious in a five star resort; we are your go-to guys. Book your trip with us ASAP, with the best rates for 2017 and 2018.


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