As of now, we all know various countries and cultures have different ways of ringing in the New Year. In Costa Rica, an agüizote, (/æwiː•zətɛ/) is usually something you do to bring good luck into your life. Traveling, having financial stability, and finding love are some of the reasons people practice them. For the New Year, there are many popular practices that you could see people doing by 12:00 o’clock midnight of January 1st just to bring in some of that best luck.

In the end, it really does not matter whether you are superstitious or not, most of the time, people do it for the fun and tradition of such. On that note, we want to invite you to join in and practice one, two or all of the most popular Tico traditions for ringing in the New Year!


Walk around with a suitcase

It is believed that if you walk around your house with a suitcase on December 31st you’ll probably travel a lot during the New Year.






Eating 12 grapes

Each grape represents one month of the New Year coming about, and eating one represents the wishes and goals to be fulfilled.






Wearing yellow underwear

Wearing yellow underwear during the first day of the New Year relates with the color of the sun, an element that represents energy. Wear those yellow undies and you’ll be attracting lots of positive energy and removing off those bad vibes.








Wearing something red

Red represents luck, so for this reason, many make sure to have something red so everything goes right on the New Year.






Having some Santa Lucia branches on your wallet

Santa Lucia flowers are very popular in the highest regions of Costa Rica, and having a small amount of these ones in your wallet brings in the allusion of financial abundance. Don’t worry, they are small flowers you can definitely fit one or two in your wallet or purse for a long year of great economy!






Throw a glass of water

Mentally place in the water in the glass all of the bad things from last year and at the stroke of midnight, throw it out of your house, from a balcony or your entrance, just to make sure all the bad is gone for the New Year.





These are just some of the many practices that Ticos do. Deciding to do them or not, it’s fun to try, see other doing it and to bring in the New Year with the best of wishes for you, your loved ones and mankind, as well as with the most positive vibes for your life. Oh and don’t forget to learn more about Costa Rica, visit our Facebook page at and plan your next Costa Rican vacation with us at