When two people decide to start a life together, they usually inform of such decision to their loved ones, those closest to them, family members and everyone in between that shares upon the happiness and joy that being together gives to each other.

It is with great pleasure that they share the news and prepare for, what is probably considered, one of the most important stepping-stones in a person’s life: their wedding ceremony.





Usually, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that is filled with tears of happiness, the excitement and thrill of it all, anxiety in having everything be just right, and lots of romance that engages with the love expressed by those two joining in as a new family.

Planning a wedding is no easy task, you need the best, the right team with the knowledge and experience for doing so, and that is when we come in, as the experts to make your day the dreamiest of them all.





A wedding in Costa Rica is one of the most incredible experiences any couple could have. Family and friends joined to engage in the beauties that the various exotic locations offer for such a wonderful occasion.



Getting married at the beach, or in the forest, at a river, or at a waterfall, at the cloud forest, up in the mountains, or close to shore, with the most breathtaking views and exuberant surroundings… Everything and anything is possible.





After the wedding? Days of romance in Costa Rica, with a tailor made honeymoon that fills in the couples’ desires and needs. From adventure to relaxation, cooking classes and romantic setups, Costa Rica has everything for everyone.





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