Dreaming of summer? Make your dreams a reality and enjoy an all-inclusive trip with us. It does not have to be expensive; it just has to be amazing! Oh and it will be, believe us!

Costa Rica’s Northern Pacific Coast, is the best destination with true All-Inclusive resorts. If you are looking for beachfront resorts with a diverse selection of food and drink, you should try this:

North Pacific warm beaches

While staying at your all-inclusive resort, you will not only enjoy a wonderful pool, but also experience the Tamarindo beach, one of the world’s most amazing surfing spots in the planet, with breathtaking sunsets and awesome fun activities to do, from sun bathing to swimming, and any other cool fun things planned daily at your hotel. Join the fun!

A zip-line adventure like no other

Soar through the tropical dry forest. As you stay in Guanacaste, you will notice the amazing weather of the sunny beaches, also live, and learn about the dry forest, a type of environment that has a unique wildlife and plants like no other. A beach with a forest, or a forest with a beach, it is simply unique. Relish on nature while flying through the skies!

A wonderful catamaran

Breathtaking views and fun activities to enjoy. Lose yourself in the sunset while you enjoy music and refreshments, fresh fruit, snacks, a margarita or a piña colada. If you are traveling with family and/or friends, this is one unique activity you cannot miss, and if you are traveling with your significant other, there is no more romantic way to show your love for each other but with the sun as your witness and the blues of the sky and the sea surrounding you both.

Stop dreaming and make this trip a reality for your summer. Enjoy these and many other activities on your Guanacaste trip. Plan and book it now with us through our Trip Planner. For more information, you can always email us at sales@costaricaspecialdeals.com. Oh and, check our Facebook for more information: https://goo.gl/6jbWca