trees ans blooming from costa rica


Costa Rica is a country of incredible biodiversity, plants and animals are abundant, diverse and extremely colorful. The month of February is especially colorful. It is the beginning of the Orchid blooming season. It is also the time of the year when our countryside is cover in blooming trees.


These are some of the most easy to see blooming trees in Costa Rica:


OrquidsThe Malinche Tree (royal Poinciana, Delonix regia)
Cortez amarilla” tree (Tabebuia ochracea).
Cañas fistula,” scientifically known as Cassia fistula
These beautiful trees are adorning the residential areas in San Jose but you also find them in the middle of a pasture land in Guanacaste or even in the wild Caribbean.


We also have the begining of Orchids blooming season. Pay special attention to our national flower, the famous Guaria Morada (Catleya skinneri) you will find it blooming in botanical gardens, private collections or if you are extremely lucky in the forest.


If you decide to visit Costa Rica and spend your vacation during the months of February and March, please pay special attention to the flowers, Orchids and blooming trees are waiting for you all around the country. Several orchids are endemic to Costa Rica and the Rain Forest but in recent times you also find them in enormous greenhouses around the country. Next time you buy an orchid back home, maybe was cultivated in Costa Rica.