Why Costa Rica is a country where you stay only 2 or 3 nights in each hotel? This is a question we received all the time from travel agencies around the world and from tourist that visit us every day.

 Paradise Costa Rica

Because we have many different places to visit, because you want to visit the Mountains of Monteverde, the Arenal Volcano, you also want to visit a tropical beach, and if you have the possibility maybe even the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.


Why not? All these places are possible to visit in 10 days to a 2 weeks’ vacation in Costa Rica. Sometimes the problem is to define which area you want to visit and organize everything.


You don´t want to spend a couple of days of your precious vacation time figuring out what to do and in which order, this is something very important: Costa Rica is small but it is complex, there are certain activities and routes that work together and some others that simply don´t.

 costa rica vacations

We have beautiful remote destinations but you need to have the correct transportation, at the correct time. Check with a local operator, they know the country really well.


The cost will be the same (they received a commission from the hotel, your price won´t increase) and you will get a fantastic program in Costa Rica.


Just be specific about your budget, your expectations and your interest. Let them to their job and enjoy your vacation time in Costa Rica.