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Arenal Volcano National Park

The Arenal Volcano National Park is part of the Arenal Conservation Area with an extension of 200.000 hectares of the northern plains of Costa Rica. The Arenal Volcano has an almost perfect cone with 1633 meters above sea level. This important volcano is active since July 1968 when it woke up and destroyed some towns close to the mountain with huge eruptions of lava, ash, steam and burning clouds.


The temperature in the area goes from 21 to 27 grades and the rainy season goes from May to December. The area offers a wide variety of flora and fauna, being the most important animals: tepezcuinte, deer, tapir, monkeys, snakes and some birds such as parrots, sergeants and hummingbirds. About the flora the most important species on the forest are: Ceiba, Cirri, Higueron, Guarumo and heliconias, orchids, ferns and bromelias.


The lake located at few miles from the volcano is artificial; it is used to produce electricity, 7% of the Costa Rica’s electricity leaves from this hydroelectric terminal.

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