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Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park is located on the south Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. The park has 1068 hectares of lush vegetation, white sandy beaches, coconut trees; mangrove swamps and a hot, humid climate are some of the components of this beautiful paradise. Due to the dense foliage, provides shelter for pacas, raccoons, tamaduas, monkeys, three toed sloths, armadillos and porcupines.


The marshes are home for green iguanas, basilisks, herons, ibis, gulls and other species. The world of coral reef is made up of over 35 species of coral, including elkhorn coral and smooth brain coral. The reef rests on a vast underwater platform and fans out over 240 hectares off Cahuita Point between the River Perezoso and Puerto Vargas. This underwater habitat abounds with sea urchins, lobsters, turtles, moray eels, sharks and innumerable brightly colored fish of various sized and shapes.


The species identified on Cahuita Reef include 128 of algae, 44 of crustaceans, 140 of mollusks, 3 of halophytic phanerophytes and 123 of fish being the queen angel the most beautiful. Other fish that live in the reef waters are the great barracuda, little stingray and remora. There are also 3 species of sharks and 6 of moray eels. Other habitats in the park are uninundated mixed forest with species such as guaitil, jorco and manni. Mangrove swamp with a predominance of red mangrove and littoral woodland with an abundance of coconut trees and sea grape.

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