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Corcovado National Park

The Corcovado National Park has an extension of 54539 land hectares and 2400 marine hectares and 46 kms of sandy coast. It is located in the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica, this park as throughout  the entire Osa Peninsula is one of the most richest in vegetation and animals also a large number of endemic species can be found. A freshwater herbaceous swamp known as Corcovado Lagoon which covers 1000 hectares approximately provides the perfect refuge for the park wildlife, also the mangrove swamp located on the estuaries of the rivers Llorona, Corcovado and Sirena where red, tea, buttonwood and white mangrove are the most important, the park has more than 500 species of trees, some of the largest of Costa Rica.

The Corcovado wildlife is varied and rich, it is know that there are 367 species of birds, 140 mammals, 117 of amphibians and reptiles, 40 of freshwater fish and about 6000 species of insects, big animals can being seeing in the different areas like tapir, pumas, ocelot, tiger cat and jaguar as well as long nosed armadillos, pacas, white lipped peccaries and the 4 species of monkeys that live in Costa Rica, the howler, white faced, spider monkey and squirrel monkey. Also the park protects the largest population in the country of scarlet macaws.

Amphibians and reptiles have a wide number of members, studies carried out in the park 20 species of saurians, 33 of snakes, 48 of frogs and toads and 7 of turtles, besides salamanders, crocodiles and caymans, the most common snakes in the park are the bushmaster and de fer-de lance.

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