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Palo Verde National Park

Palo Verde National Park has an area of 16804 hectares, including on their extension lagoons, channels, channels and some pool in the basin of Bebedero and Tempisque River, this lowlands consist of vast flooded plain covered with rivers and lake silt deposits. This is an important home for birds, monkeys and other animals, being birds the most important. During the dry season this national park is home for black bellied tree ducks, blue winged teals, wood storks , herons, storks, egrets, grebes, ibis, jacanas and some other species.

Crocodiles and white nose coati can be found as well. The Tempisque rives cross the park it is one of the most important rivers of the country, it can be navigate for about 36 miles, there you can see the exuberant wildlife and see the Birds Island (2.3 Hectares), placed visited by many species of wading birds and the biggest black crowned night herons in Costa Rica. In the swamps 55 species of water plants have been identified, the most important are typha, trista, talia, neptunia, bastard cedar, horse bean, and gamolote grass.

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