Costa Rica Rural and Sustainable Tourism

“Tourist experiences planned and sustainably integrated to the rural environment and developed by local organization for the benefit of the community.”

Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) / Alliance for the Enhancing of the TRC (Communitarian Rural Tourism – Turismo Rural Comunitario).CoffeeTour_at_Cafe_Britt_Plantation

Costa Rica has invested more than five decades in rural development and rural communities. The rural communities have struggled more than five hundred years in order to protect and defend their identity. All these efforts are capitalized today into the new initiatives for the endogenous enhancement of the local economies.

Community Rural Tourism is one of the initiatives that have represented an important means of development for those rural communities potentially capable of competing with other high quality attraction sites. The rural world is therefore changing form; it is unique as for assets, history, nature, talents, and courage. This is the meaning of community rural tourism, an authentic tourist product and an important tool for the development of the communities and the enhancement of the Costa Rican identity.

dia-encantos-carreta-bueyes-turistas-tour-un-diaRural tourism allows the integration of natural resources, daily life in the rural communities and agropecuary activities in an attractive product for the national and international tourist market. Rural tourism is the perfect choice for the tourist that is interested in knowing and enjoying the life in the country side, such as: horseback riding, walks, and agricultural activities, discovering alternative methods of production, fresh water fishing, village festivities, and fairs. All of this without leaving out other accessible possibilities in the area like adventurous tourism, nature, sun, beaches and sport activities.

Rural tourism provides visitors with a personalized contact. All services are run by the producers through organizations or directly, as a family business.

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