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Tamarindo, Costa Rica – Ultimate Beach Vacation To Go

You're going on vacation to  go in Costa Rica. You want to go to a place with a fun, laid-back vibe with plenty of amenities and plenty more things to do. Where do you go?   Whenever I'm asked this question I always answer the same way: Tamarindo. Tamarindo Orientation     Tamarindo, Costa Rica [...]

Exciting Costa Rica whitewater rafting at Arenal Volcano

The impressive Arenal Volcano is at the top of everyone’s list of places to visit in Costa Rica. The spectacular rainforest around the live volcano, the area’s easy accessibility, and huge abundance of outdoor adventures make it a top place to visit Costa Rica. Costa Rica’s whitewater rafting fame includes the beautiful rivers of the […]

National Theatre of Costa-Rica

National Theatre of Costa Rica draws tourists from around the world

The ornate Neo-Classical theatre is considered the finest historic building in San Jose, and is known for its exquisite interior decorated with lavish furnishings and beautiful murals. [divider height=”20″][link title=”Sun”][icon size=”15″ icon=”icon-sun-inv”][/link] [link title=”Drinks”][icon size=”15″ icon=”icon-glass”][/link] [link title=”Flight”][icon size=”15″ icon=”icon-flight”][/link] [link title=”Humidity”][icon size=”15″ icon=”icon-tint”][/link] [link title=”Dinner”][icon size=”15″ icon=”icon-food”][/link]