The northern Nicoya Peninsula consists of beaches like Playa Samara, Playa Carrillo, Playa Camaronal, Playa Guiones and several more that are quite famous among surfers. Recently, Playa Coyote and nearby breaks have seen a large influx of surfers. It’s between Playa Manzanillo and Samara. Playa Bejuco, on the north, is well known for its airport and a lavish hotel called Punta Islita Hotel. Going south, there is Playa San Miguel located nearby the river mouth.

Besides surfing the waves, travelers can check out the nature reserves and wildlife refuges in the area such as Diria National Park, Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve and Curu Wildlife Refuge. The beach towns of Central Nicoya Peninsula are rather small and it is easy to explore them on foot.

Nosara is one of the oldest fishing communities. Even though it is a popular tourist destination, it lacks any direct development and still has its Blue Flag status. The shores have a large population of Olive Ridley and Leatherback Turtles that resulted in a formation of Ostional Wildlife Refuge for the protection of the species.

Nosara has many amazing surf destinations but most surf enthusiasts who visit the town for surfing go straight for Playa Guiones. The surf spot is known to have one of the most consistent waves in Costa Rica.

When speaking of surfing, Samara-Carrillo is a must! The beach is bordered by consistent waves throughout the year. Playa Samara is an ideal place to learn how to surf. Waves are gentle and smooth offering a perfect base for beginners and a fun one for seasoned surfers.

Carrillo is not a great surf spot. The waves there are mostly flat because the coast is protected from the swells. For good surfing waves, swells need to come from the North and Northwest direction. The best time to surf is between the months of December and March.

Among the most popular beach destinations are, the offbeat enclave of Montezuma, which is surrounded by scenic waterfalls and rivers, the laid-back village of Tambor, set in a huge half-moon bay, and Malpais along with Santa Teresa on an endless expanse of beautiful white sand beach offering some of the best surf conditions.

These towns are precious gems of Costa Rica offering clean ocean, pristine beaches, a base for sporty activities and a cordial environment. Along with awesome surf breaks and verdant jungles that teem with wildlife, rivers and waterfalls are just as renowned. Due to its immense popularity, the roads and pathways of Southern Nicoya Peninsula have quite improved. You will find several paved roads that allow a smooth drive and quick access.

Moreover, the coastal towns have all kinds of accommodations – from luxurious boutique hotels, resorts, and charming villas to bed and breakfasts, cabins, camps and hostels. Travelers will find various restaurants serving different cuisines and many facilities for convenience and comfort.

Whether you’re a newbie at surfing or an experienced athlete, Costa Rica’s beaches have to be part of your traveling bucket list to visit in order to explore them and have a swell time.

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