There are few things in life that melt stress away like a visit to a good spa.

In Costa Rica, the possibilities of getting a good massage or body treatment are as wide ranging as the techniques and products used in Costa Rica. And there’s a bonus: Costa Rica’s wealth of natural elements facilitate and multiply the offering of products used for aesthetic and therapeutic means: tropical fruit; natural and volcanic oils, waters and minerals. Of course, the marvellous natural environment is a key element in many spas, where birdsong is the background music for outdoor therapies, where natural hot springs rejuvenate your body while gurgling streams and the sounds of the rainforest relax your mind.Masaje Sueco

Here we offer some excellent alternatives for fulfilling your desires. It’s worth mentioning that all the spas in this special feature range from luxurious, elegant cutting-edge options to spas that use their surrounding elements to offer an experience in harmony with nature, with a minimal environmental impact. Without exception, all the following spas boast technically trained personnel.
Some of the most popular massage: Swedish massage, Shiatsu, Thai, Lymphatic Drainage, Digit puncture, Reflexology, hot stones, Therapeutic mud and much more.

• Let your therapist know about any physical ailments you have in order to treat the area specifically or not touch the area, if it’s something chronic: If you use the hot springs, do so in 10-minute intervals. Keep hydrated. If you have high blood pressure, let the spa personnel know. It’s better to receive treatments on an empty stomach so digestive activity doesn’t distract from your relaxation, especially if you’ll receive treatments to the pelvis and stomach