vacation to goMonteverde Cloud Forest nested in the Tilaran Mountain range is one ofthe most especial and unique destinations in Costa Rica.


The location of Monteverde, as well as the altitude, gives you the opportunity to enjoy a complete different kind of plants and animals from the Caribbean and Pacific Coasts. You go to Monteverde to see the famous Quetzal Bird, the sacred bird of the Mayas. Monteverde also have one of the biggest percentage of hummingbirds in the America, these tiny birds are so unique that you will remember them forever. It a romantic destination, perfect for a honeymoon, but at the same time one of the best places in Costa Rica to take families and especially small children.


The number of activities in this area will surprise you. Hanging Bridges, Canopy Tours, Coffee Tours, Butterfly Gardens are just some of the options. Monteverde also has an important number of cozy, romantic hotels; some of them really small jewels, some of them deluxe properties. One of the most unique ones is Fonda Vela.


The hotel offers excellent food and service, wonderful gardens and beautifully appointed rooms. The location is perfect between Monteverde Reserve and the charming town of Santa Elena.

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Fonda Vela Hotel was founded by the Smith Family descend from one of the original Quaker Families of Monteverde. This family is also devoted patrons of the arts, in every wall there is an original beautiful painting, many of them made by their father.


The gardens, that you can walk and enjoy at any time, also have unique sculptures that pay tribute to our farmers but also our local artist.


Fonda Vela is a boutique a hotel with a define personality; it is a place that you will remember for a long time after you vacation in Costa Rica.