Costa Rica Rural and Sustainable Tourism

Costa Rica Rural and Sustainable Tourism

“Tourist experiences planned and sustainably integrated to the rural environment and developed by local organization for the benefit of the community.”

Birdwatching Costa Rica


In the recently published article, “Top Bird-watching Spots in the World,” Costa Rica is listed as one of the best places for bird-watching. The publication also notes Costa Rica as being a key player in combating the extinction of more than 9,800 bird species, which could happen in the next century. “The Great Backyard Bird […]


Spring Break in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a non-traditional Destination for Spring Break. Must people to think spring break and just only think about a beach destination and endless parties? Well, it is an option that many opt for.  But if you want a spring break that will be fun, full of adventure, explore and relax in a beautiful […]

The Best Beaches of Costa Rica

There is always speculation about which one is the best or the 11 top beaches of Costa Rica. We have an incredible amount of beaches both in the Caribbean, but especially on the Pacific side. The answer to that question is always subject to analysis. We have beautiful beaches all around the country but the […]

trees ans blooming from costa rica


  Costa Rica is a country of incredible biodiversity, plants and animals are abundant, diverse and extremely colorful. The month of February is especially colorful. It is the beginning of the Orchid blooming season. It is also the time of the year when our countryside is cover in blooming trees.   These are some of […]

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Tamarindo, Costa Rica – Ultimate Beach Vacation To Go

You're going on vacation to  go in Costa Rica. You want to go to a place with a fun, laid-back vibe with plenty of amenities and plenty more things to do. Where do you go?   Whenever I'm asked this question I always answer the same way: Tamarindo. Tamarindo Orientation     Tamarindo, Costa Rica [...]