The Easter Week in Costa Rica

This is the beginning of the most unusual week in Costa Rica, Easter Week.  This week that is originally a religious holiday has turned into so much more.  The busiest week at the beach hotels, the busiest week at some restaurants and several ones are so empty that they close.   Easter Week is a week of extremes.

Some people go every day to the religious processions.  You may enjoy them if you are visiting us, they are colorful, culturally interesting and the perfect way to interact with Costa Rican.  You can see these processions in almost every town in Costa Rica.  Especially famous are the ones in San Jose downtown, San Joaquin de Flores in Heredia.

costa rica foodAnother big thing in the Easter Week?  Food.  We prepare all kind of special dishes for these days; nowadays you can even buy them in supermarkets.  Be prepare to hear about Chiverre, Ceviche, Rice with shrimps, tamales etc. etc.  We spend the whole week eating!!

You will find the big cities quite empty and the national parks and beaches crowded with Costa Ricans.  In general we treasure our Eastern Week, a lot less commercial than Christmas, and still very family oriented.   Enjoy and explore that facet of our modern folklore. Ask as many questions as you want, even in broken English we enjoy explaining this week, we are proud and happy about this celebration, and just a tiny little bit guilty about  spending more time at the beach or the mountain or even cooking and eating than praying, but don´t worry we manage to do everything.   Enjoy !!