It is the 5st of January, Costa Rica is slowly returned to normality.  The roads are still half empty, the festive mode still on, but our lifestyle is almost back to normal, but what is normal for January in our country?  Well a lot of things, but three will probably attract your attention more:


  1. 1-It is windy!! Yes, very windy, that means it is perfect for windsurfing; the mountains are going to be clear but a little bit cooler that the rest of the year (just one or two degrees) so the beach is going to be warm and the mountains cool. The perfect time to take photographs, excellent sunsets and sunrises.


  1. 2-It is the month of the “Rezo del Niño” We put a nativity at the begin of December and of course in January we have to take it out, but that deserve a party, sometimes an intimate gathering, sometimes a big one, if someone invite you to one be prepared for more Tamales, Rompope (Costa Rican Egg Nog) and some traditional pastries, coffee and … a lot of typical food.


  1. 3-Bull fights; yes we have them all around the country, but especially in the Pacific side. Costa Rica bull fights are different; yes there is a bull and a lot of young people jump into the ring.   It is not artistic but a lot of fun, and no animals get hurt!  Sometimes one of the bulls hit one of the improvised “Toreros”, but it is mostly just a fun spectacle to watch. Check with your hotels, with your local guides, it may be interesting to forget the tropical beach for a few hours and go to explore and enjoy a small village nearby.


January is a wonderful time to plan your vacation in Costa Rica; we sincerely hope you will visit us.