When thinking of Costa Rica, green comes to mind, and adventure, fun, and excitement. However, lately, wellness has become more and more part of our regular lifestyle, whether it is in the practicing of various sports like cycling or disciplines like yoga, or the undertaking of massage therapies with chocolate or essential oils that provide nutrients for our skin.

Wellness also refers to healing and relaxation, in perhaps some of the most amazing springs in the world, that are to be found here in Costa Rica. Visiting these, hot springs are a-must for most travelers and such come in all shapes, sizes and temperatures. Here is our pick for the ones you simply cannot miss:

Tabacon Hot Springs

Located in Arenal, they’re within the resort property, which is fed by the Tabacon River at the base of the Arenal Volcano. The beauty ofthem and the daily visits the property receives, make them the one-of-a-kind place to visit. You don’t need to be a guest at the hotel to enjoy them, but we certainly recommend you booking them in advance.



Baldi Hot Springs  

They’re a landmark at La Fortuna because of their convenient location and the reasonable entrance fee provided. It has 25 different pools that vary in sizes and temperatures and, just like in Tabacon, you can either book your visit or book your stay at the property.




Buena Vista

Surrounded by two rivers that are born in the mountains, you can delight and enjoy five rustic thermal pools that are filled from a thermal water spring of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano with different types of temperatures, sauna and volcanic mud bath.




Rio Perdido

Perhaps Miravalles Volcano doesn’t sound as popular as Arenal, but it is home to one of the most sought after and in vogue properties that offers hot springs services. This river is natural and the facilities are filled with luxury.

Thermal pools not only provide a wonderful temperature, but also, the water has so many good minerals for your skin, you’ll feel rejuvenated after bathing and enjoying a day of relaxation in them.


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